WOD: 2-21-13

Skill: Kipping:

Warm Up: 4 rounds of:

7 Deadhang Pull Ups (or L- Pull Ups)
7 Strict Toes to Bar

Both exercises unbroken, so you do 14 reps in all in a row. If broken up start back at 0

WOD L1: EMOTM for 20 minutes:

Odd: 7 Pull Ups
Even: 8 Thrusters (85/55)

All reps have to be unbroken

WOD L2: EMOTM for 20 minutes:

Odd: 7 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
Even: 8 Thrusters (115/75)

All to be done unbroken


Link time…

Click here for the written version of just about everything that was covered during the nutrition talk.  If you have any other feedback or suggestions please email them to gino@reebokcrossfitbackbay.com.  The feedback that has been received was more than welcomed, but please let me know what you guys thought.  Should there have been more or less of certain topics.  The next talk will be refined to add a little bit more science with a larger focus on overall nutrition, not just for health, but also for performance.  If you were not there and you end up reading the link, also please provide whatever feedback you can to things you would like to see added or expanded upon for next time.  Do it now so we can tailor the talk accordingly.  Bring workout clothes as well so that you can stretch while we talk.

Jeans and LAX balls just don’t work as well



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